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A Natural Approach to Healing

self healing

In chiropractic, we understand that our bodies are self-healing and self-sustaining. Our nervous system, which is comprised of a vast network of nerves, controls our entire body without us having to think about it. These nerves are constantly carrying messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. However, interferences in that brain-body connection can arise causing our bodies to lose their ability to function properly or to their fullest potential. When these interferences are present, we may begin to notice signs of dysfunction and symptoms may also arise.


There are many things that can cause these interferences, but they can be divided into three main categories; thoughts, traumas, and toxins. All of these can have an impact on our body, causing changes in our nerves, muscles, and other tissues. Over time these changes cause spinal wear and tear and often lead to degeneration.


Many people deal with these problems by utilizing drugs or surgery. However, if you treat the symptom without addressing the cause, there is still dysfunction in the body. We take a different approach. We do not treat your symptoms, but find and address the cause- the interference. Once this interference has been removed, your body can once again begin to heal itself, moving you closer to optimal health.


We remove these interferences by delivering specific chiropractic adjustments. At Oasis Family Chiropractic, we utilize a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques. We take a gentle approach appropriate for anyone from newborns to the elderly. You are a unique individual and your care will not be the same as the next person. In fact, because our bodies are constantly changing and we have different experiences day to day, your own adjustments may also change from visit to visit.


It is our mission to improve the health of all those we serve. To always exceed your expectations and enable you to do more of what you love, so that you and your family may live healthy, happy, and well-balanced lives.

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