How Our Office Works

I know that you can walk into 10 different chiropractic offices and have 10 completely different experiences. While all 10 experiences may be positive, I understand the frustration that can arise when you dont know what to expect.

In order to minimize confusion, here are some points on our philosophy and how our office works.

1. Chiropractic is different from medicine.

2. Ease and well-being are normal.

3. I don't see pain as the enemy. It's a sign telling us something in the body needs to change.

4. I don't define health as a lack of pain. Pain is often the last symptom to arise, meaning your health challenges are often present long before you feel pain.

5. Your nervous system controls your entire body. I define health as a nervous system functioning free of interference.

6. Stress can impact your health by overloading your nervous system. Physical stress is not my only concern, i'm concerned about ALL causes of your health challenges, even the ones you may not have thought of (emotional, chemical, etc.). This stress can produce vertebral subluxation.

7. I will perform a thourough exam on your first visit (this may include x-rays). I will explain my findings to you before I start your care/adjustments.

8. Adjustments do NOT treat symptoms. They address dysfunction of the nervous system, which once removed allows your body to begin healing from the inside out.

9. A series of adjustments will be needed. Consistent visits create momentum for healing.

10. Kids and babies need chiropractic too. Remember it's not all about pain - it's about optimal nervous system functioning - which aids in proper growth and development.

11. A louder "pop" does NOT equate to a better adjustment. The noise you sometimes hear is simply gas being released as a joint stretches. Several chiropractic techniques, including those we use in our office, do not create this sound at all.

12. All healing takes time. How much time depends on you. While I can help you in many ways, ultimately what you do outside of the office has a huge impact.

13. Yes, it is important to exercise and eat right. No, you dont have to change your lifestyle overnight. Making small changes gradually will increase your chance of success.

14. Sometimes you really do need to slow down. Your body is amazing, but it needs rest.

15. How long you decide to benefit from care is always up to you.


To learn more about our office or to schedule an appointment call us at (505)554-2018.

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